Therapist Tries 15 Fidget Toys

Why not?! Some of you may think I'm crazy, but I have a good reason! A little backstory: for the past 3 years I've worked in the field of behavior therapy. We use a lot of toys to reinforce our client's preferred behaviors. Therefore, I have some fidget toys of my own that I bring to clients. Additionally, I plan to work as a Marriage and Family Therapist to help children and adolescents- many individuals this age LOVE fidget toys. Lastly, I just wanted my own  😁

I bought this particular set of toys on amazon (this post is not sponsored). I just thought I would share my thoughts on some of these sensory toys. I hope this is helpful if you are working with clients or just want some for your own!

Here are the fidgets in this particular package:

1. Push Pop

The main reason I bought these fidget toys was so that I could have this push pop fidget. I love bubble-wrap, so this was a great fidget for me! I think it works great as a calming or centering activity- it's also a great fidget toy for students to hold while they are listening to their teachers. 

2. Fidget Spinners

These fidgets were incredibly popular a few years ago. I think this is still a great fidget to use. This one also has push pops on it! The spinning sound may be a bit loud for a quiet classroom or work environment. 

3. Stress Balls

Everyone loves a good stress ball! I remember doing DIY stress balls for fun when I was a kid. The stress balls in this package are okay... nothing fantastic. There is just air inside it- typically I've found that stress balls have some sort of liquid or powder (I prefer those ones). The animal shaped ones are nice because you can stretch them out and use them in different ways. 

4. Pop Tubes

I've never seen anything like these! I think these pop tubes are great! Basically you expand and collapse the tube. It is REALLY loud so this would not be suitable for a classroom or work environment, however, these could be used as a calming strategy or fidget toys used in a suitable environment. 

5. Bike Chain Fidget Toy

This is another new fidget for me! This one is a "repetitive" one like the fidget spinner or stress ball. It is something to put in your hand while you are studying or working. I really like this one!

6. Infinity Cube

I've had a fidget like this before. I am personally not a huge fan of them... but that's just me! They are quiet and have different shapes that it can turn into. 

7. Rainbow Puzzle Ball

I haven't tried this one yet because I know it's difficult (haha)! I have done one of these before with a client that I was working with and I was unable to put it back together. This would be appropriate for kids 10 or older. It's incredibly difficult and may not be fitting for individuals who get easily frustrated. 

8. Sensory Rings

One of my professors introduced me to this fidget! I LOVE this one! It seems kind of odd at first- but this is a great fidget to leave on your hand. You can play with it like you would a regular ring.

9. Stretchy String Fidget

Another classic fidget toy! You can stretch these strings without it breaking (at least for awhile). 

10. Mesh Marble Toy

The same professor that I mentioned earlier also introduced me to this type of fidget. I really like this one because it is another sensory toy that you can hold in one hand while you are working. 

11. Pea Poppers Toy

I think this one is sooo cute! To be honest, I don't think it works that great as a fidget toy, but maybe it will for others! It's just a bit rigid, but maybe with time it will be easier to work with. 

12. Colorful Ball

I do not know the actual name of this one (if you know it please let me know)! And I literally just figured out how to use it as I am writing this post 😄 I just thought this was a white ball with colorful little spheres... but then I learned that you can move the little spheres by pressing them down so that they go into the place without a sphere. Basically, you're supposed to mix up all the colors and try to put them back in the right place. 

13. Snake Toy

I have not seen this fidget before. It is pretty loud, so I would use it in the appropriate environment- it's pretty fun!

14. Colorful Circle

A cool fidget that is a little bit different than the others. I would not suggest using this is a classroom environment because it is a bit noisy. 

15. Sports Ball

I would also consider this a stress ball. It is a pretty classic fidget toy, but works great!

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to fidget toys. I have even more toys and fidgets that I use with my clients. Would you want me to share some of those?

Anyways, I hope this was helpful! I know you are going to do great things!

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