College: How to Get Ahead During the Holiday Break!

Have you ever gone back to school in January feeling unprepared for the semester ahead? Or maybe unmotivated? I definitely think that we all need to spend time with family and friends during the holiday season; however, I believe there is a way to rest while also preparing for the next season of school. It may not be ideal to "work" during the break, but I find that I feel much more at ease going into the semester.

Here are my suggestions to prepare for the new season of school:

  • Make sure you registered for the right classes!
    • I have known a few peers who accidentally signed-up for the wrong class! You will want to make sure you are following your academic plan and that the course number matches the requirements!
  • Research different options on receiving your textbooks
    • Notice that I did not say "buy your textbooks". I can't tell you how many times my professors have told me that I bought the wrong book or that we don't even need to buy the book! That is why I recommend doing your research of the various ways you can get your textbooks before purchasing. Check out my post on getting free/cheap textbooks.
  • Gather your school supplies
  • Organize your schedule (personal & school life)
    • I suggest making a general schedule of your day-to-day activities during this next season. What days will you have class? work? internship? volunteer opportunities? time for friends? hobbies?
  • Make your to-do lists
    • What are some things that have to wait until the semester starts? Like maybe talking to the financial aid office or sitting in a class that you were in the waitlist.
  • Actually take a break (aka self-care)
    • Make sure you make time during your break to actually take a break. Some people need a couple days for themselves to feel re-energized. Make sure you do what will bring you more energy to take on the next season of college.
I hope you find these tips helpful! I know that you are going to do great things!

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