Mindfulness Art Activities: Fall Edition


Art is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness! To be honest, I am not a great painter or sketch artist... but I found that I feel more at peace when I draw! The great thing about art is that there are no rules- you can draw or paint whatever you want.  I am even more inspired during this season as we enter fall. I love this time of the year!

I took a class in graduate school about art activities that therapists can use in therapy. This got me more excited to use art in my own life! Below are some suggestions on art activities you can do when you need to practice some mindfulness.

 6 Mindfulness Art Activities: Fall Edition:

1. Describe-Me-Tree

  • Directions: Draw an outline of a tree. Inside of the tree, draw branches and leaves. In the leaves you will write one word to describe your self. Draw about 20 leaves so you can write 20 words about yourself. The goal of this activity is to use different positive words to describe yourself, including adjectives. Here is an example:

2. Fall Collage

  • Make a collage of what you hope to do this fall! You can use fall colors to make this collage. You can draw pictures, write words, or use your own photographs to make this collage. You can also write goals that you have for this season of life. Be creative with it! Here's an example:

3. Painting a Pumpkin
  • This can be so fun! All you need is a pumpkin, some paint, and a brush! You can make a jack-o-lantern or draw a picture on the pumpkin. The possibilities are endless!

4. Drawing Fall Landscapes

  • You do not have to be an expert artist to draw a landscape. This is an opportunity for you to express yourself... it does not have to be perfect. Give it a try!

5. Calming Circles

  • This activity is very relaxing. You will want to get 5 or more colors. If you are going for a fall-theme, grab some yellows, oranges, browns, and greens. Then you will take one color and make circles on one piece of paper... do not lift the pencil. Just keep making circles over and over again. Once you have relaxed your mind and feel ready, go onto the next color. Rotate at your own pace. The goal of the activity is to relax your body and practice mindfulness. It may look something like this:

6. Pumpkin Activity

  • Draw a pumpkin. Inside the pumpkin you can write 5 or more things that you are excited about for this fall season and 5 things you are worried about. Next, write 5 more things you can do to cope when you are feeling worried or stressed. Here is an example:

Art is so fun! I hope these activities were helpful to you and/or some of your clients! Happy Fall everyone! I know you are going to do great things!

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