4 Youtube Channels for Future Therapists

I don't know about you, but a lot of the time I look for answers to my psychology and psychotherapy questions on YouTube. There is a lot of good content on YouTube! I think it is important for future therapists to learn about these resources- they have helped me a lot!

Here are four YouTube channels that I recommend for anyone considering a career in psychotherapy:

1. The Psych Show

Dr. Ali Mattu is a clinical psychologist and he posts videos to help others learn more about psychology. The majority of his content includes videos that

- help future therapists
- educate individuals on psychological concepts
- educate individuals on mental disorders

I find his videos very informative and helpful! I hope you do too!

2. Neuroscientifically Challenged

This channel posts 2-minute educational videos about neuroscience. Neurobiology is extremely important to psychology. When we learn more about the science of the brain, it is easier for us to understand some of the mental disorders. I strongly recommend for future mental health professionals to take courses in neurobiology and pharmacology because it can be extremely beneficial to your training. 

3. Crash Course (Psychology)

Crash Course is a YouTube channel that aims to educate its viewers. Crash Course works with universities to teach several educational topics. One of the video series they work on is Psychology. If you are curious about studying psychology, this would be a great series to get a glimpse of what psychology is like. 

4. Psych2Go

This channel is very entertaining to me! Psych2Go produces some interesting videos about mental health and relationships. I do not know anything about the creator's background in education about psychology, but I think some of the videos can be helpful.  There are videos about depression, anxiety, romantic relationships, family relationships and more!

There are so many channels out there with great content! Did I miss any? Let me know if there are other channels you would add to this list! Hopefully this list was helpful to you! I know you are going to do great things!

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