Therapists: Follow These Instagram Accounts


It's easy to spend a lot of time on social media! I definitely spend more time on it than I would like to admit. But since I'm already on social media... I might as well get quality content! As a clinical psychology student I am finding more and more ways to grow in my knowledge of this field. I never knew how many resources there are on Instagram! There are therapists, mental health organizations, and many more accounts dedicated to mental health. 

Below are 4 accounts that are great to follow if you are a therapist or a future therapist (like me)!

1. The Gottman Institute (@gottmaninstitute)

  • The Gottman Institute is a great resource for a couple therapist, or a student interested in couples therapy. The Gottmans have done extensive research on relationships. Their Instagram account has great information on all types of relationships! I would highly recommend checking out their account!

2. Brene Brown (@brenebrown)

  • Recognized as a very well-known individual in the mental health field, Brene Brown is a great person to follow on Instagram. She is a researcher, professor, public speaker, and author. She specializes in the topics of vulnerability and shame. Her account is a great place to learn more about these topics. She also has a podcast as well!

3. Psychology Today (@psych_today)

  • Let's face it... you're not a true therapist if you have not heard of Psychology Today. This account has amazing content! They post about relationships, sleep, trust, happiness, grief, conflict, and so much more! All of the content is based on psychological evidence. This is a great account to follow to get some tidbits of information throughout the week. 

4. The Fabulous App (@thefabstory)

  • This account has great mental health tips, self care advice, and coping strategies. The creators of the actual app are behavioral scientific researchers from Duke University. I have not personally used the app (about $3 a month to use), but I enjoy their content on social media. 

What are some other great accounts to follow? Let me know! I know you are going to do great things!

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