25+ Fall Self-Care Items


Fall can be an exciting time of the year! The leaves changing and the weather cooling down... pumpkin spice and Reese's pumpkins... there are so many good things about fall!

This can also be a stressful time for people, so it is important to practice self care. If you are specifically experiencing anxiety, I would suggest checking out my post 28 Coping Strategies for Anxiety. Some of the self-care activities mentioned in that post are in this one as well!

One thing that we can do to improve our mental health is by getting items for our own self-care!

Below are 26 fall-inspired self-care items:

1. Scented Candles- what a great way to get in the autumn spirit by lighting some fall-scented-candles. Some of my favorite candles come from Bath & Body Works!

2. Essential oils- scents can help us feel more relaxed! I am not a professional on essential oils, but a fellow Pinterest-er , Jody Myers, shared a great post on different fall diffuser blends. Here's an example:

3. Soap- hand soap or bath soap... there are great fall scents out there! I recommend Bath & Body Works and Lush

4. Lotion- after showering with your fall scented products, you can add some fall-scented lotion too! Here are links to my recommendations: Bath & Body Works and Lush.

5. Nail polish- Get some fall-colored nail polish! This can be a nice mindful activity! I like Sally Hansen nail polish!

6. Beauty face mask- Here is a pumpkin beauty mask that has some really great reviews!

7. Autumn soups- there are so many soups to try: pumpkin, sweet potato, chicken noodle, tomato, and more! I personally like Panera's Autumn Squash Soup! It's soooo good!

8. Snacks- pumpkin-spice everything, right? I think it is nice to have some sugary-holiday-snacks, but I think we should also consider some healthy autumn snacks: pumpkin seeds, apples, fall trail mix, and apple chips are just a few!

9. Tea- pumpkin spice, maple apple cider, cinnamon apple chamomile, cranberry pomegranate, and cinnamon vanilla, and many others! Amazon has these fall teas

10. Fall decorations- Decorating can be a fun and creative activity! I highly recommend going to the Dollar Tree! They have some really cute decorations and they are... a dollar each! 

11. Crafts- check out my post, Mindfulness Art Activities: Fall Edition, for some craft ideas!

12. Blankets- Macy's has some great, cozy throw blankets!

13. Pillows- I just bought some orange velvet pillow covers, and they are very cozy! 

14. Apple Cider- I personally enjoy Martinelli's sparklingly apple cider, but there are many options!

15. Music- there are a lot of Fall Playlists on Spotify! Here is one example:

16. Self -care apps- Calm and Headspace are just two of many mental health apps! In my post, 8 Ways to Use the Calm App, I talk about the great functions of Calm. The Calm app has several Soundscapes sounds. You can listen to a forest or lake... sounds that remind me of fall!

17. Book- Target has a great list of Fall/Halloween themed books for adults/teens/kids! I personally enjoy the Harry Potter series!

18. Sweater- there are so many places to get a comfy fall sweater. The last fall sweater I bought was from ThredUp, and it was a good experience!

19. PJs- Here is a cute set of Autumn PJs:

20. Gratitude journal- writing down what you're grateful for is a great self-care activity! And your journal look however you want it to!

21. New hobby: there are so many hobbies to choose from: knitting, crochet, sewing, music, and art. What will you try?

22. Puzzle- try out an autumn puzzle!

23. Baking- there are so many great autumn baking recipes out there! Here is a recipe for pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls by a fellow Pinterest-er, All For Women

24. Pumpkin- whether you want to eat it, decorate it, or carve it, pumpkins are a fun item to buy during the fall!

25. Plants- taking care of plants can be fun!

26. Fidget toys- in my post, Therapist Tries 15 Fidget Toys, I talk about how fidgets can be used be used by all ages. Here is a pumpkin-fidget:

There are so many ways to practice self-care this fall! This is only a short list of the many possibilities! Find out what works best for you and your health! I know you are going to do great things!

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