17 Jobs for College Students


Let's face it- it's difficult to go to school and have a full-time job. It is even more difficult to do this when you hate your job. As a (somewhat) recent graduate, I have tried many jobs while in college. Here are some jobs that could be great options for you!

1. Barista

Most of my peers in college worked either as a barista or a waiter. Working at a coffee shop is very popular because the pay is decent (plus tips) and the hours can be flexible (especially if you not mind waking up early). 

Baristas in Southern California make an average of: $31k/year 

2. Waiter/Waitress

Working at a restaurant is very popular because (similar to a barista) they have a decent hourly rate and make great tips! The hours can be flexible and hopefully supervisors understand the craziness of being a college student.

* I worked in a restaurant... for about a month... Needless to say I did not enjoy my experience in this industry, but maybe you will! I know several people who worked years as waiters until they got into their career. 

Waiters in Southern California make an average of: $34k/year

3. Retail Employee

There are many options if you want to work in retail. I've heard that one of the best retail stores to work at is Target. It is quite competitive to get a job at Target. I remember applying there and not even getting an interview! But you are probably more qualified than I was! 

There are also awesome benefits to working in retail. You often get discounts on your own purchases, and there can be other great benefits as well.

* I worked in retail for a summer in between my sophomore and junior year of college. I worked at a theme park's retail store. It was a pretty good experience and I got paid minimum wage. The work was not too difficult. It can be stressful working with angry customers, but hopefully the place you work at has a great supervisor who can support you in these times. 

Retail Employees in Southern California make an average of: $37k/year

4. Babysitter

Babysitting can be difficult to start, but once you get started, everyone will want you! There are several ways you can go about this: you can try to get gigs by word-of-mouth, or you can check out online websites for babysitters. 

*I've worked as a babysitter (mostly for extra money). Once you start, other parents want you to babysit their kids too! It may not be the most reliable source of income, but babysitting can help you gain extra cash. 

Babysitters in Southern California make an average of: $40k/year

5. On-Campus Employee

I highly recommend working as an on-campus employee! You do not have to drive to get to work, and the supervisors are usually flexible with your class schedule. This is a great way to pay-off your school expenses. As an on-campus employee, you can work in security, the library, tutoring, dining services, on-campus tours, and many other offices.

* I worked as an on-campus employee in tutoring services, dining services, and student government (yes, I actually got paid for that). I really enjoyed working on-campus! A plus is you get to work with your friends!

On-campus employees typically make minimum wage.

6. Other Food Service Employee

There are more areas to work in the food service industry other than restaurants. You can work in grocery stores, ice cream shops, fast food restaurants, candy shops, and many more! 

* I worked in an ice cream shop as my first job! It was a pretty good first job. It was minimum wage and I made a couple dollars in tips. 

Wages for food service employees various due to different types of industries. 

7. Instructional Aide

If you enjoy working with children or want to be a teacher, this is a great job for you! Instructional aides work at schools to help students who need support in their education. 

* This is my current job! I work as an instructional aide while I am going to graduate school. It's a consistent job which is nice and it's during the day, so I can go to my graduate school classes at night. 

Instructional Aides in Southern California make an average of: $35k/year

8. Tutor

You can work as a tutor at schools or online! If you are proficient in a subject, you can help others learn more about it! 

*I worked as a tutor when I was in college and I really enjoyed it!

Tutors in Southern California make an average of: $52k/year

9. Online Freelance

This is great if you have a crazy schedule. You get to work when you want and you usually get to set the rate you want. There are sites like Fiverr and Upwork. I have tried Upwork, but I personally feel uneasy about working online. I am sure it works for people, but I personally want to work with people I know, rather than strangers on the internet. 

Online Freelance employees in Southern California make an average of: $47k/ year

10. Dog Walker

This is a great job if you love dogs. There are websites like Wag that help you get gigs!

Dog walkers in Southern California make an average of: $44k/year

11. Administrative Assistant

If you are organized and love spreadsheets, become an administrative assistant.

Administrative Assistants in Southern California make an average of: $44k/year

12. Youth Program Employee

Places like Boys & Girls Club and the YMCA are great organizations to work for. There are several opportunities for college students to work at these organizations. 

Youth Program employees in Southern California make an average of: $42k/year

13. Camp Counselor

Work as a camp counselor during the summer! If you are looking for a summer job, many camps need camp counselors.

Camp Counselors in Southern California make an average of: $26k/year

14. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Drivers in Southern California make an average of: $40k/year

15. Warehouse Employee

If you don't mind heavy-lifting, this could be a great job for you!

Warehouse employees in Southern California make an average of: $34k/year

16. Gym Employee

You not only can work the gym but also workout at the gym too!

Gym employees in Southern California make an average of: $37k/year

17. Lifeguard 

Work at a Water Park or the Beach!

Lifeguards in Southern California make an average of: $36k/year

I hope this list was helpful for you! I know that you are going to do great things!



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